About Peace Love Meditate

Feed the spirit. Inspire the mind. Nourish the soul.

Peace Love Meditate, is an online family-owned business, with a philosophy that covers 3 main categories: Spiritual Well-Being, Meditation Tools and Natural Wellness.


In these areas you will find products that feed the spirit, inspire the mind and nourish the soul. From original artisan jewellery, to meditation supplies, and unique crystal pieces, Peace Love Meditate is dedicated to maintaining a meaningful collection that inspires peace, happiness and mindful existence in the present moment. No matter where you are on your personal journey, we aspire to make you feel good with our collection. Welcome to the Peace Love Meditate Tribe.


Home Grown Partnerships

Peace Love Meditate is happy to partner with many independent artists across South Africa.  To find homegrown designs on our site, simply look for the “(RSA)” tag  in the product name. If you know of an artist or designer you’d like to recommend, please contact us via the contact page.