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Peace Love Meditate

Selenite Satin Spar Knife Small

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Selenite is a calm stone that instills deep peace, making it great for meditation. Fast and effective at cleansing the auric field, it can clear congested energies or negativity from ones physical etheric body. Good for fertility, hair loss, and a youthful appearance.

Selenite knives are perfect for cutting energetic cords, past life karma, past life vows, and contracts. This is a great tool for cutting psychic hooks and cords, and perfect for psychic surgery. These selenite knives can also be used for setting power circles around one’s self, creating an impenetrable circle of protective light, keeping the negativity and dark intentions outside the circle of Light.

SELENITE AFFIRMATION: I am gentle with my thinking. I am at peace.

  • 1 x Selenite Knife Small
  • Measures approx. 12 cm in length

This item will feature natural variations in color, surface details, size, and appearance. No two pieces are alike.