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Peace Love Meditate

Angelite Pendulum

Angelite Pendulum

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Angelite helps facilitate a connection to higher dimensions - allowing us to receive guidance and love from our guardian angels, guides, and friends in Spirit form. Encourages inward thinking and expands awareness. Brings peace to stressful situations.

Angelite is also a stone of compassion. Angelite is said to  dissipates anger, transmutes pain, and transforms disorder into wholeness while creating a deep feeling of peacefulness. The frequency of Angelite is soothing to the emotional body creating lightness of being when facing a challenge. It raises awareness and renews ones connection and understanding of universal knowledge. Angelite may facilitate divine guidance through the development of psychic abilities such as channeling, mediumship, and clairvoyance. It also facilitates telepathic contact between minds, facilitates the re-birthing process, and stimulates spiritual healing. Angelite is also a very powerful tool for dream work as it may help one remain in a lucid dream state and remember the guidance received in dreams. It helps one to tune into past life memories and the Akashic records. 

ANGELITE AFFIRMATION: I am in touch with the universe.

1 x Angelite Pendulum

    This item may feature natural variations in color, details, and overall design. Such variations speak to the artistry and handmade construction of each piece.

    Chakras: Heart, Throat & Crown
    Astrological Signs: Aquarius
    Element: Wind
    Vibration: Number 1

    PLEASE NOTE: Crystal meanings are for spiritual support, not prescription or healthcare information. Crystal and Spiritual healing info is not a substitute, nor intended to be a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. It is presented as spiritual support, so please seek medical attention if needed.

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