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Azurite with Malachite Specimen

Azurite with Malachite Specimen

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No stone is a purer embodiment of the Blue Ray than Azurite. Its rich dark blue colour carries the exact frequency of the 3rd eye chakra and is a natural tool for the activation of the 3rd eye chakra. It stimulates ones psychic and intuitive abilities whilst aligning our inner vision to higher guidance.

Azurite assists in past-life recall and brings an increased sense of connection to the Divine. It helps us sense the truth in a situation and protects us from being misled. It also helps us to understand others motives and to act in alignment with Spirit.

Azurite helps psychics and other intuitive counselors improve the accuracy of their interpretations.

AZURITE AFFIRMATION: I open my mind to new visions, both inner and outer, as I expand my awareness.

  • Azurite with Malachite Specimen (as pictured)
  • Specimen weighs 392g
  • Specimen measures 96mm x 62mm x 61mm
  • Locality: Guichi, Anhui, China

This item will feature natural variations in color, surface details, size, and appearance. No two pieces are alike. 

Chakras: Third Eye & Heart
Astrological Signs: Sagittarius
Element: Wind
Vibration: Number 1

PLEASE NOTE: Crystal meanings are for spiritual support, not prescription or healthcare information. Crystal and Spiritual healing info is not a substitute, nor intended to be a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. It is presented as spiritual support, so please seek medical attention if needed.

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