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Marion McGeough

Crystal Energy Healing: Chakras, Pendulums, Wands

Crystal Energy Healing: Chakras, Pendulums, Wands

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This book will take you on a personal journey of awareness, both of yourself, and of the world of subtle vibrations and energy all around you. You will be introduced to the chakras, the aura and crystals. You will learn how to choose, buy and take care of your crystals. As you move forward you are taught how to carry out a number of crystal healing treatments, with full written instructions, as well as diagrams to support your learning. You are also taught how to carry out energy work on the aura. As you become confident in your practice you will also discover how to use crystal wands and pendulums, both useful tools to aid your healing treatments. There are helpful tips on how to offer professional treatments and establish a professional practice. This book makes an ideal aid for those who wish to study and become professional crystal healers as well as experienced therapists who wish to discover different ways of working with crystals. For those of you who are simply curious and wish to work on themselves, family and friends, the clear and simple instructions makes crystal healing quick and easy to learn.

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781530573509


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