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Peace Love Meditate South Africa

Larimar Tumbled Stones - Large

Larimar Tumbled Stones - Large

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Larimar helps to heal and tone the throat. By opening up the throat chakra, it promotes self-confidence and encourages us to express our deepest truths and fears. It quickly and effortlessly calms the mind and bestows inner peace. It naturally raises consciousness and facilitates contact and communication with the angelic realms.

Especially helpful in removing self-imposed blockages and constraints, Larimar assists us in taking control of our lives by dissolving self-sabotaging behavior, alleviating guilt and removing fear.

LARIMAR AFFIRMATION: I open my heart, mind and spirit to pure love, making peaceful. loving choices in alignment with my purpose. I relax and communicate my truth. I embody the love of the angelic realms.

1 x Large Larimar Tumbled Stone (AAA Grade)

Ways to use your tumbled crystals:

  • Meditate with your stones. Relax your vibes and let it resonate with your energy

  • Carry it with you. Hold it or slip it into your pocket / purse

  • Feng shui in your home

  • Create a crystal grid

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