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Zambian Laser Wands

Zambian Laser Wands

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These distinctive Lasers are found in deposits in Zambia, in Southern Africa. Much of the landscape in Zambia is rich in minerals such as copper-cobalt ore, gold, nickel, lead-zinc, iron and manganese, and all these minerals contribute to the energetic qualities of these unique crystals. 

On a physical level, Zambian Lasers are clear quartz (silicon dioxide, SiO2) coated with Hematite (an iron oxide, Fe2O3). It is the fine hematite coating that gives these Lasers a subtle to intense pink glow when held up to the light. The pink ray of these crystals is an absolute delight to behold.

ZAMBIAN LASER QUARTZ AFFIRMATION: I connect with the Cosmic Heart of all creation. I awaken to the language of Love, and the infinite power and full potential of my soul. I am ready to fulfill my soul destiny.

  • You will receive 1 laser wand
  • Wand measure approx. 5 cm - 7 cm in length
  • Each wand is unique 



  • Clear Quartz lasers have the potential to draw energy up through the base of the crystal, and release the energy out through the finer laser point. As the energy moves in through the base, the vibrations are magnified and through intent you can release the energy in light ‘mists’, a laser beam, or wider auric sweeping movements. Thus a laser is perfect for performing Etheric surgery, shifting energy blockages and balancing and harmonizing the chakras.

  • The unique pink light of Zambian Lasers brings an additional attribute to these crystals. The inclusion of hematite is a protective vibration, assisting with stabilizing the energetic bodies during a healing and then reweaving the new vibrations into a person’s auric field post-healing. Of utmost importance during a healing, is the assurance that a client remains grounded to Earth, and hematite in these crystals does just that. It anchors a person’s main line of energy to the Earth Star Point, facilitating the transduction of higher light codes of energy into the client’s auric field. 

  • In addition, the crystal’s pink ray works with the ray of heart, and has the potential to heal on deep levels, within all directions of time and space and all dimensions. The pink ray tends to soften the ‘physical output’ from the lasers tip, making it the perfect laser to use with sensitive people, children, the elderly, or those seriously ill or convalescing. Whilst the laser works gently through the pink ray, the effects are quite profound and heal deep-seated imbalances in an enduring and peaceful manner.

  • The ‘pièce de résistance’ of these beautiful lasers are the entrancing 45 degree angle light rays, which embody a form of hieroglyphic writing. These rays, which feature as grooves, markings and unusual forms are the light languages of higher dimensions and light systems. These sacred languages are being encoded into the energetic and physical structure of Zambian Lasers in order to bring the universal language of creation into our consciousness.

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